Our brands

Nature & Moi manufactures top quality vegan cheeses. The range now encompasses a total of nine cheese varieties. These are all produced in France; a country genuinely devoted to cheese. With these vegetable based cheeses, the company endeavours to offer a good alternative to consumers with food intolerances and those on a vegan diet. All of the products are now also grown organically.

Valsoia is a champion of plant-based foods and “healthy eating”. Their quest has always been to create products that are delicious, healthy and dependable – and for this very reason made from uniquely fine ingredients. Today’s product offering extends from soya-based alternatives to  drinks, ice creams, yogurts, desserts, biscuits, ready-meal dishes, cheeses and condiments branded Valsoia.


Gardein makes meatless meat and fishless fish. But does it taste any less good? Nope. Gardein’s food not only tastes great but is also good for the planet and better for your health. Now you don’t have to feel bad after you’ve eaten fast food!

Eating Tofurky products won’t only make you happy. It will also make animals and the planet very happy. Why? Because Tofurky makes plant-based foods that don’t harm animals or the planet. Plus, it tastes great so no need to compromise!

Hilary’s is the creator of convenient and culinary foods that are made from real ingredients and are free from common allergens. We are helping to heal the American diet by bringing these foods to all people who seek tasty, nourishing cuisine.

Daiya was created by two friends who share a passion for a plant-based lifestyle. Inspired by this passion, they decided to create Daiya: a delicious dairy-free alternative made entirely from plants. This alternative is better for your health but tastes just as great as dairy products.

Luna and Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss is an organic ice cream made with a base of coconut milk and agave. It’s dairy-, soy- and gluten-free and there are lots of different flavours to choose from, making it accessible to many people. Watch the video here to discover the story behind delicious Coconut Bliss.


Sophie’s Kitchen is the unquestioned leader in plant-based seafoods. If you are curious about adding gourmet plant-based seafoods to your plate, try the best selling Crab Cakes, Fish Fillet and Breaded Shrimp. So don’t wait any longer, find out more about their products!